Persil Power Detergent Gel Automatic LF 4.8L

43.25 AED

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Persil Automatic LF Power Detergent Gel 5L cleans and cares for your clothes. With new fibre guard technology, Persil also helps maintain the shape and colour of your clothes without compromising on powerful stain removal.

Anionic Surfactant, Non-ionic Surfactant, Phosphonate, Perfume, Dye Preservative, Optical Brightener.

Put 2.5 caps of Persil in to the washing machine, same like you used to put the powder detergent. For highly stained garments, use 3 caps per wash. For best result, put a little amount of Persil directly on stained fabric before washing. Number of washes: 3L Persil=kg powder detergent. Environmentally benign

Persil is a brand of laundry detergent(s) that is manufactured and marketed by Henkel is some countries and Unilever in others. Introduced in 1907, Persil was marketed as the first commercially available self-activated laundry detergent. Persil's product line-up also includes specialist care products for wool and silk products.